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I have degrees in arts (languages) and law, and worked 16 years as a lawyer in the New Zealand government.  I am still an enrolled Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.

Law was my third choice in careers.    As a teenager in Scotland, I wanted to do art, but that was forbidden – probably for the best, but it was a huge disappointment at the time.    Then when I finished school and was studying the classics for my Arts degree (in Central Africa), my dream was to be an archaeologist working in the Mediterranean.    Well, a move to New Zealand midway through my studies put an end to that: another disappointment.

Still, I went on to major in Ancient Greek and Latin before studying Law.  I’ve never regretted that and have kept alive a strong interest in the history and archaeology of the Mediterranean ever since.

During my years in government, I kept sane by walking the high country at weekends and holidays – from the Tararuas and Central North Island Plateau north of Wellington, down through the Nelson Lakes area and west coast of the South Island.

I was always nominally ‘a Christian’.  But in October 2006, I was invited by some friends to their church.  I had been looking after my elderly mom sole charge for over 9 years (alzheimers) and as it happened she was in respite care for a week.  Though I didn’t really hold with churches, which I felt were man-made, I was moved to go.

The service impacted me so deeply that I chose to give my life to Jesus that day and was baptized with three others in a ceremony they were planning to hold in the ocean near the church.  It was an amazing turn of events that only God could have orchestrated, and I shall be forever grateful to the Lord for His mercy in reaching out and pulling me into his boat.  My mom passed away 4 months later, leaving me with a host of problems.  I cannot imagine what my life would have been had He not saved me.

Ten years down the track, my belief has only strengthened – due to things that have happened to me and other people I know, a deeper understanding of the Bible, and news of discoveries that continue to be made by archaeologists working in the Mediterranean.







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