No Weapon Shall Prosper

weapon-lionIn the aftermath of the US election, a move is being orchestrated to incite lawlessness for the purpose of upsetting and intimidating the American people.

America has exercised its democratic right to choose, and (as it was to a lesser extent with Brexit) some folk are just not happy to see things not going their way.   Obviously, there were people with a big investment in achieving the alternative outcome, and that big investment has ramifications of One World Government and world domination.  This is serious:  a strong, vital, independent America has always been a bulwark against oppression.

But over the last few years, Americans and many others have had to witness the inexorable decline of American values and America’s integrity as a world power.  It was the intention of some people that that process should continue.

One has to ask, “Where is respect for democracy?”    Democracy is the very cornerstone of the American nation, the very foundation it was built on, and the basic reason that people emigrated to live in the States in the first place.  Democracy is also a huge threat to those who want to run the world to suit their own agendas.  The upheaval we see now is the clearest indication yet of the spiritual warfare that has gone on and is still going on behind the scenes to bring America down.

At this difficult time, I would like to stand with the American people and recall to mind the following:


“No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
And their righteousness is from Me,”
Says the Lord”      (Isaiah 54:17)

Stand strong, America – stand strong on your core values.  Remember where your Founding Fathers placed their trust, and how well that served America in years gone by.  Support your new President-elect, whether you voted for him or not, bearing in mind that your freedoms lie rooted in the democratic process.

I believe the Lord has His hand on Trump and that the Jezebel Curse over the USA is broken at last.   I am not an American, but I feel we all need to have the grace to lay aside prejudices, stand back, and let the Lord do His work on and through him. If we don’t have that grace, then we need to pray for it.

Blessings on America at this time.

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